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 FKF Meeting Room (FKF Møderum ​ Ø10-412-2) FKF Meeting Room (FKF Møderum ​ Ø10-412-2)
-SDU map link: [[FKF Møderum|https://​​sdu/​573f26e4bc1f571b08094312/​search?​cat=meetingroom#:​~:​text=FKF-,​M%C3%B8derum,​-%C3%9810%2D412%2D2]+To get the SDU map link to the meeting room, type FKF in the search field at this link: [[https://​​sdu/​573f26e4bc1f571b08094312/​search?​cat=meetingroom| SDU Møderum]]
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