Contributing changes

If you have access to

Please have a look at Working with multiple remotes.

Small changes

For small changes like fixing a typo or fixing small mistakes or relatively small feature improvements you can fork, create a new branch on your fork, and directly send a merge request towards the master branch of

Larger changes

For larger changes, anything that would take more than a day of work, we recommend to first open an issue at and to describe your idea or your suggestion, before actually spending days or weeks or months programming it. It can be very useful to collect feedback first and let others know. What you have in mind might already be in the code or already in the works by somebody else, or there may be a better way to do it.

Then after you collect feedback, the issue can stay open and you can later reference it in the merge request weeks or months later and the person reviewing the merge request will have a context and it will make the review process easier.

To submit your changes, fork, create a new branch, then later submit merge request towards the master branch of and in your commit and/or merge request please reference the issue where the proposal was discussed.

Another medium to collect feedback before doing a lot of coding is to write to

We are really looking forward to your code changes and improvements!

License terms

The DIRAC code distributed under the LGPL v2.1 and also all contributions to the code are understood to be provided under this license with a copyright shared among the DIRAC code authors. If this is not the case and the submitted code is provided under a different license and requires a different copyright notice, please point this out in the merge request.